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Special Pooja

Special Pooja

Vedic Pujas have special powers that channelize absolute positivity and blessings of celestial bodies into one’s life, which let human beings have a life, full of spiritual bliss and positivity. Vedas tell Hindus about different rituals, methods and techniques of living life, and by including Vedic ways in your living, you revere the gods and goddesses for giving you this life, and in return, they bless you with purification, happiness and satisfactions. Puja Yagya, provides you Vedic services that include all types of Pujas, by including all the rituals and descriptions explained in Vedas. Serving mankind is the prime motive of Vedic scriptures and we, at Puja Yagya include all those Vedic teachings and provide best Hindu Vedic Puja Service in USA.

We conduct Special for removing obstacles from your lives. These pujas are conducted as per your specific requirements, and our pundits conduct them in a customized manner. Some of the special pujas are:

  • Diwali Puja: Conducted by our Pundits for channelizing blessings of Goddess Laxmi and Lord ganesha, who come to your house and blesse you with wealth, prosperity and fulfillment.
  • Navratra Puja: Pundits conduct this on everyday of Navratra that channelizes positive energy in you and makes you rejuvenated.
  • Karvachauth Puja: This puja is conducted for the long and happy coupled life of life-partners. Wives fast for the long life of this husbands, and Karvachauth Puja helps you in having long and blessed coupled life.
  • Shivratri Puja: Pundits of Puja Yagya conduct Shivratri Puja in USA, which let you get the blessings of Lord Shiva on the holy occasion of Shivratri.
  • Bhajan: It is a type of Indian devotional song, which is normally lyrical, and used for expressing love and respect for gods and goddesses.
  • Family Idol Puja: Idol pujas for Kul Dev and other celestial powers are specially conducted by our Pundits in a customized spiritual manner.
  • Guru Puja: This puja is conducted for worshipping planet Jupiter as per you specific requirements that channelize wisdom and knowledge in you.

Our Purohits are well known for conducting different other types of special pujas, such as:

  • Buddha Puja
  • Chandra Puja
  • Rahu Puja
  • Ketu Puja
  • Shukra Puja
  • Tulsi Puja
  • Charity Puja
  • Tila Homa
  • Swayamvar Puja
  • Santoshi Puja, etc.


We are absolutely authentic and original Vedic Puja & Astrology Service provider and we are not an agent of any temple. All the details and related data available on our website are to be treated absolutely for your entertainment, and Puja Yagya will not be accountable for that. We circulate spiritual awakening for the well being of human beings by following ancient hindu Scriptures. We do not guarantee and imply warrantee for any of our services, and will not be responsible for assumptions, interpretations or perceptions made by recipient.