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Yagyopaveet (Sacred Thread) sansakara

Yagyopaveet (Sacred Thread) sansakara is tenth sansakara amongst all the sixteen sansakara and it is known as thread ceremony which is very significant in the life of a Hindu man. It progresses the child itowards an intellectual and highly spiritual journey. Child gets natural birth from mother and when the Guru initiates him by giving Gayatri mantra in the Yagyopaveet sansakara, then this is considered as second birth of child. Gayatri mantra is the prayer of Budhi, which provides new constructive vision to child in his life. Yagyopaveet sansakara is also known as Upnayan sansakara, which is one of the most essential rituals for handling household life, as per Hindu vedic rituals. Yagyopaveet sansakara indicates that the child is fully qualified to perform all sorts of traditional Vedic rites comprising Pitra Kriya and Tarpan for his ancestors. Yagyopaveet sansakara symbolizes three forms of one Supreme Being:
  • Atoguna Brahma (the creator),
  • Rajoguna Vishnu (the sustained)
  • Rajoguna Shiva (the destroyer).
The knot of Yagyopaveet is called Brahma-Knot, which is considered as the Lord who controls these three faces of nature that further symbolizes three duties for three debts:
  • Pitra which is debt of parents and ancestors,
  • Manushya which is considered as debt of society and humanity,
  • Dev which is debt of Nature and God. The twist in the thread symbolizes strength and honesty.
Gayatri Mantra in Yagyopaveet sansakara is given to the child who promises to lead a good human life as per the rules of Dharmashastra and we, at Puja Yagya ensure conduction of Yagyopaveet sansakara with full Vedic accuracy. Pundits and Purohits comprised by us are trained in Sanskrit Gurukula and hence with them expected outputs from all the Puja and Sansakara will for sure be showered on the child in the most befitting fashion.


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