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Shaktipat Third Eye Awakening

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Shaktipat Third Eye Awakening

We, at Puja Yagya, include highly enlightened experts who can teach you techniques of Shaktipat Third eye awakening practices which are considered as the pinnacle of awareness. Third eye is explained as awareness that one can achieve only after meditating with absolute soul centric spiritual awareness. This third eye awakening involves Agya Chakra, which is sixth center of consciousness and considered as the center where third eye of human being resides.

Though third eyes does not have any physical significance but at a more spiritual and subtle plane it has been experienced by many spiritual experts. Third eyes can be understood as a stimulating center of consciousness and with Trataka meditation technique of ‘Agya or Psychic Chakra’, one can achieve that consciousness too. By focusing on absolute awareness on third eye, one can automatically and instantly attain a meditative state.

Effects of Third Eye Awakening:

  • Provide you capabilities for faster and easier learning with impressive retention power
  • It helps in increasing your intuition
  • It helps in providing increased creativity
  • With this, psychic chakra gets more stronger and it also develops ability to see or sense human auras quite effectively
  • With third eye awakening, clairvoyance, which is psychic vision opens up
  • Third eye awakening also opens up clairaudience, which is psychic hearing
  • It also opens up clairsentience, which is understood as psychic feeling and touching.

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