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Akashi Record Reading

Akashi Record Reading

Akashi Record Reading

Akashic Records are considered as an energetic imprint of all the thoughts, emotions, actions, experiences and related consequences that has ever occurred in time and space of an individual.  Generally it is understood as the imprint of all experiences of all lifetime in all realities of an individual.  Akashic reading provides holographic repository of information of human consciousness related to past, present and future of an individual quite accurately.  Akashic records include all the details of one’s life and related possibilities through the vibrations of compassion and joy which are understood as the DNA of the universe.  They incorporate a prominent collection of everything that has occurred in the past of an individual and with the help of that, they hold all the information regarding possibilities of present and future.

As per Akashic techniques, each and every individual soul includes has its own, absolutely unique Akashic Record and with the help of that, Aksashic reading experts of Puja Yagya provide accurate reading about your past, present and future. Akashic records can be envisioned as a metaphorical book that contains the entire history of one’s soul and additionally, it includes all the detailing of your existence and your potentials. Vibrations that make up Akashic records are the energy of love and that is why knowledge comprised by Akashic records are imprinted upon an absolutely subtle substance known as Akasha, which is understood as energy of love that creates and permeates all the things present in our universe.

Akasha is a Sanskrit terms and its meaning is primary substance. Our experts access the Akashic records by using their power of meditation, intuition, prayer and spiritual insights. They are well experienced in providing accurate Akashic reading, and with them you can get powerful insights of your life and its universal significance.

Call Us & know about your Akashic Details: Akashic reading is termed as magical conversations with soul. Our experts tell you about your relationships, you soul path, your health, and many other conceivable topic related to your life in the most accurate and fulfilling fashion.


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