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Pujayagya is your One Stop Halt for all Vedic Puja & Astrological Requirements as our Vedic Experts incorporate expertise in all the Pujas explained in Great Indian Vedic Scriptures. We provide customized Puja Packages as per convenience of individuals who wish to get benefits of spiritual Pujas for channelizing positivity in their lives. Vedic services offered by us are absolutely flexible, and we conduct Pujas with absolute Vedic accuracy at your preferred locations. Providing authentic & effective Vedic Services & Solutions (e.g. Nava Graha Puja or Satya Narayan Katha) for the right occasions is the prime feature of Puja Yagya, which makes us most reliable & reputed Vedic Puja Services in USA.

Vedic Puja

Experienced Pundits follow authentic scriptural methodologies for completing all types of Sanskaras Puja mentioned in Hindu Scriptures. From Grabhaadhan, Punsavana, Jaat-Karma, Naamkarma, Annaprashana, Yagyopaveet to Sarvasankar, we provide all Pujas with absolute accuracy. Conduction of Puja includes clear description of all the mantras in Sanskrit and English language by our learned Pundits and they ensure absolute accuracy in that too. We also conduct Pujas in online mode via Skype and you may contact at anytime through our free telephonic consultation services.

Astrological Puja

Choose Puja Yagya for custom-fit astrological remedies as we use astrology to let you know the best remedial puja that can resolve your health, finance or relationship related issues effectively. Our astrological remedies are based on planetary movements, and their related affects on 12 zodiac signs. We suggest remedial Pujas for destroying evil effects of different planetary positions and natal chart problems. Astrological remedies related to manglik and kalsharp reports are also easily accessible and you may feel free to contact us for all such services. We also provide free telephonic consultation related to astrological remedies.

Sanskar Puja

In Vedas, Wedding is considered as the divine inclusion of bride & groom for seven life times with a lifelong commitment of one wife and one husband. It is considered as the strongest bond between a man and a woman included by an irrevocable commitment of lifetimes. Conduction of all Vedic Wedding rituals with accuracy is a must, and Puja Yagya ensures that perfectly. Conduction of Wedding rituals by describing both Sanskrit & English meaning of all mantras is also aptly done by our Pundits. Feel free to contact us as we provide free telephonic consultation regarding our all services too.

Special Purposes Puja

Puja Yagya offers best Vastu services for Home Vastu Consultation or Shop/Retail/Business Vastu services by following rules and regulation explained in Vedas. Our Vastu services include Vastu Advice for Interiors, Vastu Shastra for Health, Vastu Advice for Kitchen, Vastu Advice for Garden and so on. Providing absolute Vedic accuracy in Vastu advices is prime feature of our Vastu Experts.

Wedding Ceremony

Find best Horoscope Software in USA with Puja Yagya. Pandit Ji in USA is experienced and well adept in providing customized horoscope api services. To know about “Rashifal”, feel free to call our Astrologer in USA. We are known for providing accurate daily horoscope predictions for all the zodiac signs. You may also contact Pandit Ji in USA to know details of your health horoscope, career horoscope, love horoscope, fame and fortune horoscope, etc. We also provide accurate monthly and yearly horoscope reports for all the sun signs.​

Newborn Ceremony

Choose Puja Yagya Kundali Creation(Janam Patrika) Services to make your own Vedic Horoscope as per your natal as well as personal details. Kundali created at Puja Yagya not only updates you about your future and fortune, but it also tells you the exact solutions to overcome the future impediments. By providing accurate personal details in our Kundali Creation API, you can get your personalized Kundali(Birth Chart) to find the influence of natal calculations and related solutions.

Ultimate Spiritual & Astrological Solutions of Puja Yagya are designed for Your Satisfaction & Absolute Bliss!

Services included by us incorporate guaranteed accuracy of Vedic Scriptures. We heal your soul through old & powerful Indian Spiritual methods that let you Rise & Shine in Life with Out-&-Out Ecstasy.

  • All Your Problems get Best & Most Effective Solutions related to Astrology, Remedology, Numerology
  • Unquestionable Vastu, Tantra & Ayurveda Solutions
  • We Organize Your Puja & Fix an Auspicious Muhurtha
  • Categorical Consultations from Our Astrlogers & Reading Experts
  • Organize Puja as Per your Convenience at your Home & Offices
  • Purohit & Pundit are available every time for you
  • Availability of accurately designed Hindu Punchang

Gurukul trained pundits comprised by Puja Yagya offer Vedic Puja services in the most convenient, authentic and spiritual manner. Ability to understand natal and planetary requirements of an individual and providing apt Astrological & Vedic solution as per that has made Puja Yagya one of the best trusted Hindu Puja Services of USA. We encompass field of Astrology, Remedology, Numerology, Vastu-Shastra, Tantra, Healing, Awakening, & Ayurveda. Experts comprised by us are well trained in all the traditional religious Hindu Puja Services. All Pujas & other services are offered to you as per your convenience also by including complete accuracy, transparency & practicality.

Wedding Rituals based on Vedic Sanskrit Pujan-Vidhi

In Hindu tradition, Marriage comes with packet of celebrations and most importantly, it is considered as inclusion of two souls for seven life-times. It is very important to follow all the wedding rituals with absolute accuracy as explained in Vedic Scriptures and our learned Sanskrit Pundits ensure that in the most prominent and guaranteed manner. Sanskrit Pujan-Vidhi followed by us develops a sacred and spiritual healing in the life of both the partners that let them lead a successful, fulfilling and beautiful life. Sanskrit Pujan-Vidhi is a traditional Wedding way which cultivates the personality of bride & bridegroom in the most rightful, aesthetic and fulfilling fashion. We ensure authenticity of all the rituals, and in cases, where one wishes to complete wedding in limited time, we have Purohits, who may complete Vedic Sanskrit Pujan within an hour by including all rituals quite precisely.



Vedic Yagna

For the betterment of humanity and for removing obstacles from one’s life, Vedas have the description of Vedic Yagna, which are one of the most influential and effective ways of channelizing positivity in one’s life. We at Puja Yagya provide Vedic Yagna by including complete Vedic accuracy in our spiritual services. Our inclusion of Vedic Yagna for Health, Vedic Yagna for Wealth and Grih Pravesh Vedic Yagna provide you an absolutely secured Vedic measure that secures your life from all the negativities. We conduct Puja as per your convenience and our telephonic consultancy is fully free.


We include experienced experts who are well known all across USA for providing accurate Akashi Record Reading & Psychic Reading Services. We also provide you free telephonic assistance and you may call us anytime for knowing about all your tantra service related requirements. We let you know about your past lives with utmost accuracy while our psychic-reading is also equally accurate in knowing your sensory perception. Techniques of tantra are well practiced by our experts and they guide in the best befitting manner and you can takes their advice anytime through call, mail or skype.

Gift Shop

Puja Yagya follows Vedic scriptures in all its services related to Ayurveda, Astrology, Horoscope, Healing, Gemstones, etc. and you can easily buy all the related products from our online product store. All the Puja Items, Puja Kits, Rudraksha, Ayurvedic Products etc. are easily available for you and with them; we ensure absolute Vedic authenticity and transparency too.


Hindu Marriages have Vedic regulation of Kundali Milan for the further proceeding of Vedic rituals in between couples. Kundali Milan tells about the future compatibility of two partners that lets them stay together for lifetimes with the complete piousness and beauty of staying together. Experienced Purohits of Puja Yagya does perfect Natal Chart Match Making of future bride and grooms that depicts the future compatibility of both in the most accurate Vedic manner. In case, if Kundali (natal chart) have some Doshas (problem), then they also conduct Pujas for solving that. Feel free to call us anytime.

Rituals & Solutions of Vedas to Rejuvenate & Reenergize Life-Energy into absolute Spiritual Bliss

Vedic Scriptures give us a treasure that channelizes our life in the most fulfilling and ecstatic manner. Rituals and solutions described in Vedas are the mediums that translate life-energy into a power of absolute survival in the toughest & hardest circumstances. Puja Yagya abridges the gap between you & Vedic Solutions, only for you!!!


We are absolutely authentic and original Vedic Puja & Astrology Service provider and we are not an agent of any temple. All the details and related data available on our website are to be treated absolutely for your entertainment, and Puja Yagya will not be accountable for that. We circulate spiritual awakening for the well being of human beings by following ancient hindu Scriptures. We do not guarantee and imply warrantee for any of our services, and will not be responsible for assumptions, interpretations or perceptions made by recipient.