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Are you in search for Vedic pundit for any auspicious occasions? Here is the best solution for all your needs. Pujayagya can be helpful as we offer all kids of Astrological and Vedic puja services and requirements through our pandits. There are several services such as Sanskar puja, special pooja based on the occasions, ceremony for newborn, housewarming, startup ceremony. We are very well versed and experienced in performing rituals for wedding. There are several benefits when the spiritual puja is performed in your own space. It can help in channelizing positive aspects in life and eradicates negative forces. Finding our own culture in most authentic manner can be a hard task and we are always here to help you with any kind of ritual or ceremony. Contact us for further details and queries.

Vedic Puja

Auspicious Vedic puja conducted by pandits in effective manner

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Vedic Yagna

Sacredly removes obstacles in the way to success

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Sanskar Puja

Essential aspects of life are performed by Vedic pundits

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Special Puja

We perform Vastu puja to eradicate negative forces

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Wedding Ceremony

Pujayagya is known for the best wedding ceremonies

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Newborn Ceremony

Welcome your new member in authentic manner through us

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Housewarming Ceremony

Create a pleasant place to live through our knowledge

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Startup Ceremony

Our Vedic knowledge and your hard work results in auspicious future.

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A new beginning for any work needs to be auspicious and memorable. We are here to make this happen!

Pujayagya is your One Stop Halt for all Vedic Puja & Astrological Requirements as our Vedic Experts incorporate expertise in all the Pujas explained in Great Indian Vedic Scriptures. We provide customized Puja Packages as per convenience of individuals who wish to get benefits of spiritual Pujas for channelizing positivity in their lives.


Performing Satyanarayana Puja in a traditional manner is auspicious when starting a new journey in life. Here we are to help you in conducting the puja in most sacred manner.

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Hinduism is known to have various festivals in a year. Seek the blessings in the most divine manner by performing in an effective manner.

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The concern and respect to ancestors can be shown through a thorough puja for ancestors. Express the love by remembering them and by performing the rituals through us.

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Pleasing Navagrahas can help reducing or eradicating obstacles in life. Each individual can have varying impact of Navagraha based on the arrangement of stars. We are here to perform the puja and avoid obstacles in life.

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Services we offer


Pujayagya is your One Stop Halt for all Vedic Puja & Astrological Requirements as our Vedic Experts

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Astrology Consultation

Pujayagya is your One Stop Halt for all Astrology Consultation And Horoscope Readings

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Horoscope Matchmaking

Pujayagya is your One Stop Halt for all Vedic Puja & Astrological Requirements as our Vedic Experts

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Hindu Life Cycle Celebrant Services

Are in search for a Vedic Pundit who is well versed in traditions and Vedas? Then we are here to and celebrate and be a part of the ceremonies. The ceremonies are performed for the truly important occasions that are related to losing, love and life. Divine blessings are very important for weddings, naming ceremonies and house warming. For the path of enlightenment, the Vedic rite passage can be supportive and being in a spiritual community can definitely nurture the feeling of divine brotherhood.

Holy sacraments of the healing act is the moral code for the best conduct for society and the knowledge which Vedic Samskar offer is a direct form of energy to the humanitarian cause. This would build a strong character for a person. Hindu Life-Cycle Celebrant Services is here to help people in incorporating and selecting the required aspects for a ritual. Whatever be the occasion, we are here with most ancient and effective traditions of the changing world. Most of the people belonging to the old generation strongly believe in the magical abilities of the rituals. The passage of the tradition to the next generation would include changes and may involve developmental milestones. These milestones are important and should be set such that divine blessings are experienced everywhere.

In Hindu culture, tradition is considered as a tree and rituals as a connection of it. These rituals can motivate and move us and help communities together, honor and celebrate various events of life.  The main motive of the rituals is to purify the consciousness or mind as it is very difficult to imagine Vedic culture without the concept of rituals. They can imprint various principles in the human mind forever through which the next generations feel connected to their previous generations and families. Ceremonies performed are an expression of the rituals and culture that builds community, family. Children can feel proud when they come to understand the stories behind performing such traditions and rituals. If you are determined in performing the ceremony and care about it where the feeling of mind comes their one can have an enriching experience. One needs to make a conscious choice through which the rites can be acknowledged.

This can be the major aspect where the rites of passage can ease the transition and remove the wall of strangeness that may be arising in the future. This is an act which can carve a breathing space in the middle of a phase where things change. Commemorating such events can make life more joyful and comfortable during difficult times. We are here to work together and help in making the ceremony exceptional. Through this, each of us can travel through life and achieving the milestones by passing through the difficulties. In the past, there were communities who helped to gather people in one place to celebrate or mourn for various events that occur in life. In the present days, a phase has come where the time has reached to pause and reflect.

Therefore one has to be connected together where life can have a greater meaning. In the present generation, daily lives have only schedules, commitments and appointments to attend. There is hardly any time to focus on important aspects and moments of life. This is the place where I can come for help. Being a Hindu Life Cycle Celebrant, I have come up with the services where people can celebrate and honor the ceremonies. There can be several ceremonies in human life and various dramatic turning points. This includes getting married, having a progeny, reaching goals, completing sixty years of age or moving to a new house. Apart from this certain uncommon ceremonies includes adopting a child, remarrying and navigating loss. These are the events where one would need my help for the ceremony and help understand the change. Being a Hindu Life Cycle Celebrant I am capable of creating satisfying and meaningful ways to celebrate and perform such a big life event.

Whether it be a loss or celebration, the ceremonial tribute has the ability to offer an important context and ability to experience the mystery of life. One can also share the experience with near and dear ones. Hindu Life-Cycle Celebrant Services offer various aspects and always cares for the community in all its diversity. A celebrant plays a major role for all the special occasions in the journey of life events. Events such as Unions, naming ceremonies, weddings, funerals and many more. Hindu Life Cycle Celebrant Services is always here to help you in selecting and incorporating the rituals and symbolic ceremonies as a part of the life-celebrating events. Let the occasion be any we are here to help you in creating a personalized ceremony which can reflect the feelings of various individuals. For couples who are getting married, we can celebrate your uniqueness and do every effort for your happy life ahead.

Being determined and caring the ceremonies are made fulfilling and memorable with an enriching experience. We have methods where the Vedic traditions are incorporated and the ceremonies are performed for those of life. The important and essential ceremonies that people need to celebrate starting with the birth of the child, naming ceremonies, engagement of the couple, the marriage of the same and of the loved ones. Such events should be performed ritually and should be performed as an appropriate ceremony that is followed by a social celebration. These days most of the events are being celebrated only among social groups or personal family members. Therefore one would need a Hindu Life-Cycle Celebrant Services and we are here with most effective celebrants to offer the services in the best way possible.

Benefits of performing Samskara puja

Samskara puja plays a major role in human life which helps in enlightenment and transcendence through an effective electromagnetic energy field. This mainly corresponds to the seven chakras of the body that helps in spiritual awakening and inspires great changes. This way an individual can transform during the journey of life towards inner peace. Such an individual can realize the real nature and can get closer to divine sources.

Puja os the basic Hindu ritual and a form of worshipping God in a traditional and systematic manner as per Vedic scriptures. Such ritual is essential in purifying and enabling a person to imbibe in more deeply. This can happen mainly through puja. The ritual is from the Hindu theology that is based on the concept of karma, fate, and God. Karma is the results of good and bad acts by a person and this would have a negative and positive impact on the soul. A balance sheet of the Karma is carried to the next birth of life. This is solely dependent on the good and bad experiences of life and therefore, Puja plays a major role. This ritualistic form of worshipping divine can bring us nearer to the positive energies and helps to dissolve the ill effects of the negative actions in a previous birth.

Puja can also help a person to be in harmony with the cosmic forces which are base for awakening consciousness. This is the manifestation of pure love and divinity which helps in removing and helps to overcome the sorrows of life. One can thus have a spiritual upliftment and by performing puja on a daily basis, the positive thoughts and vibrations of the spiritual forces are created around us. Such forces can eliminate the influence of negative energy and results in peace of mind and serenity. Thus the true nature can be realized and one can be nearer to god. Hindu Life Cycle Celebrant Services are here to help you in understanding the importance and performing rituals effectively. The results thus obtained are highly beneficial and positive.

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Pujayagya is your One Stop Halt for all Vedic Puja & Astrological Requirements as our Vedic Experts incorporate expertise in all the Pujas explained in Great Indian Vedic Scriptures.


Pujayagya is your One Stop Halt for all Vedic Puja & Astrological Requirements as our Vedic Experts incorporate expertise in all the Pujas explained in Great Indian Vedic Scriptures. We provide customized Puja Packages as per convenience of individuals who wish to get benefits of spiritual Pujas for channelizing positivity in their lives.