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About Us

We at Puja Yagya are very fortunate to be associated with earthlings through the medium of highly spiritual and equally enriching Vedic Pujas & Services. We are experts of Astrology, Numerology, Remedology, Vasthu-Shastra, Reading, Healing, Awakening, Tantra and other religious services. We comprise a dedicated focus on accurate execution of certain Vedic Pujas & Karma-Kandas in an absolute result oriented manner. We incorporate all the levels of existing reality of an individual, and then we harness the dynamics of all those levels towards the attainment of particular goals, by comprising peculiarities of their natal chart and planetary positions. Understanding cosmic power and channelizing that power into your life through the means of spiritual techniques is an expertise that we offer you with our Vedic Services.
Puja Yagya takes immense pride in its mission of providing spiritual ecstasy to people spread all across USA. We are based in New Jersey and our commitment to Vedic services has established us as one of the pioneer of Online & Offline Hindu Puja Services. Some noticeable idiosyncrasies of our services are:
1. Inclusion of All Types of Pujas (Vedic Puja, Sanskaras Puja, Wedding, etc.)
2. Experienced Astrology, Numerology, Remedology Experts
3. One Stop Halt for Tantra, Healing, Psychic Reading, & Awakening
4. Best Assistance of Vastu-Shastra & Ayurveda
5. Completion of Wedding Rituals with absolute Vedic Accuracy in Shortest Possible Time
6. Instant Booking & Arrangement of Purohit & Pundits

Our satisfaction is based on the cardiac fulfillment of individuals who believe in Vedic Puja and we are extremely happy that we have clients, who rate us as very best at what we do in USA. Our experience, knowledge and accuracy in Vedic Scriptures & Sanskrit Karma-Kanda make us provide most authentic and fulfilling solutions to our clients, which let them enjoy their life with absolute fulfillment and spiritual ebullience.


We are absolutely authentic and original Vedic Puja & Astrology Service provider and we are not an agent of any temple. All the details and related data available on our website are to be treated absolutely for your entertainment, and Puja Yagya will not be accountable for that. We circulate spiritual awakening for the well being of human beings by following ancient hindu Scriptures. We do not guarantee and imply warrantee for any of our services, and will not be responsible for assumptions, interpretations or perceptions made by recipient.