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Chandi Patham Durga Devi Puja

Durga Puja

Chandi Patham Durga Devi Puja

Chandi Paath Durga Puja is the mantra of 700 verses from the Durga Saptashati, which is quite significant for the worship and the awakening of Maa Chandi. Maa Durga is also known as Maa Chandi, which is another name for Maa Durga the Divine Mother Goddess. She is the supreme protective force of Universe and of mankind and that is why Chandi Patham Durga Devi Puja plays one of the most significant roles in channelizing your life in the most fulfilling and satisfying manner. Chandi Devi is quite prevalently worshipped at many temples including Vaishno Devi at Katra, Kalighat temple at Kolkata, Vindhyavasini at Vindhyachal, Amba Mataji temple in Gujarat, etc. and we, at Puja Yagya, provide blessings of Ma Chandi in the most accurate manner, by conducting Puja with absolute accuracy, here in USA.

Chandi Paatham Durga Devi Puja

  • Reciting of Chandi Paath daily
  • Processing of Havan(ritual) during Navratris.
  • Path of Maa Durga Stotra and Kavach Path.
  • Inclusion of Kumari Puja, Suvasini Puja.

Noticeable Benefits of Chandi Paatham Durga Devi Puja

  • Effective removal of anger, hatred, greed, and jealousy
  • Perfectly provides inner strength and positivity
  • Guaranteed protection against all evil
  • Improvement in mental and physical health
  • Also helps in improving financial condition

Benefits of Puja Yagya’s Chandi Paatham Durga Devi Puja

  • Guaranteed Accuracy in Conduction of Puja that showers blessing of Ma Chandi in the most befitting manner.
  • Transparent conduction of Puja, either in Online or Offline mode, which ensures your satisfaction.
  • Inclusion of Pundits and Purohits who are well aware of Puja Yagya’s Chandi Paatham Puja, as they are Gurukul trained Purohits, and that’s why they are fully adept in accurate arrangement, execution and completion of Chandi Paatham Durga Devi Puja.
  • We are most accommodating, authentic and beneficial Hindu Puja service provider in United States of America and we include experience of so many years. Our reliable Vedic legacy makes us most reputed Puja Service in USA.


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