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We, at Puja Yagya use Vedic accuracy for deciphering the mystical relationship in between numbers and coinciding events related to an individual. We have numerologist who are absolutely experienced and well adept in predicting your future with complete accuracy and authenticity by considering numbers and calculations related to your life. Proper understanding natal numerical patterns of an individual is very important for rightful prediction of events and other endeavors of an individual. Calculating numerical significance of an individual’s life and then getting rightful inference through that is our USP and serving mankind with accurate knowledge of Vedas is the motivation that drives us to provide you services with complete accuracy and transparency.

Some of the Numerology Services offered by us are:

  • Numerology Report: We provide accurate numerology report for you in the most authentic manner by following Vedic Accuracy as our numerologists are well trained in science of numbers & their powers.
  • Name Correction: We provide lucrative name correction by following number calculations that transmit positive energy in your life.
  • Career Numerology: With Puja Yagya, you will get numbers, which will help you in gaining lots of successes in Life.
  • Numerology Compatibility Report: We have adept experts who can provide compatibility reports for you related to your relation, professions and their compatible sequence with favorable numbers.
  • Selection of Lucky Numbers: We help you in selecting your lucky number in the most beneficial manner, which will channelize your life in a satisfying and exponential manner.
  • Business Name Suggestion: We help businesses in suggesting their names that can be helpful in gaining and maintaining profits in their endeavors.
  • Name Analysis: We also provide services of name analysis and with our numerologist; it is guaranteed that, you will be able to get best analysis of your name and related fortune.

Puja Yagya offers one of the most convenient and fulfilling customer assistance services and you may call us anytime without any hesitation as our telephonic consultation services are absolutely free. You will be advised and assisted by our experts in the most accommodating and satisfying manner. You can also contact us through our chat, message, mail and Skype services. Providing you absolute satisfaction is prime focus of our Spiritual & Vedic Services


We are absolutely authentic and original Vedic Puja & Astrology Service provider and we are not an agent of any temple. All the details and related data available on our website are to be treated absolutely for your entertainment, and Puja Yagya will not be accountable for that. We circulate spiritual awakening for the well being of human beings by following ancient hindu Scriptures. We do not guarantee and imply warrantee for any of our services, and will not be responsible for assumptions, interpretations or perceptions made by recipient.