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Astrology is one of the most ancient Vedic methods of foretelling, and as per Astrology; it is believed that planets and their movements govern life cycle of an individual and we, at Puja Yagya, provide details of planetary impacts on your life.  For predicting planets’ effects, our experts calculate position of planets and hence they provide details of planetary influence as per your natal chart. Stars and planets influence rate of success and failure in one’s life. We include best astrologers in India, who understand the importance of astronomical system, and we have developed some systems for predicting terrestrial events of a person’s life with absolute accuracy.
Our well reputed astrologers have special ability to understand the patterns of planets and by using their knowledge; they provide solutions related to different life events quite efficiently. Astrologers possess special abilities that help them in understanding all the paranormal behavior, which can be understood as supernatural phenomenon that is beyond the understanding of common person.
There are so many techniques that astrologers use for providing you best astrology services and horoscope is one of the most popular techniques, which provide details related to your personality’s specific attributes by calculating effects of zodiac signs and related impacts on your natal chart. It is prepared with the help of the position of the stars and different other heavenly bodies at the time of the birth of that individual. And hence, with the help of this, astrologers predict different events of your life.  Additionally, they also guide you with perfect foretelling about your career, family, marriage, and several other things. Horoscope also includes effective services related to Gemstone & mantra remedies, and our experts provide accurately effective advices regarding to that too.
Our best Astrologists in USA also provide best gems therapy and Mantra recitation and hence they provide powerful remedies for effectively averting the malefic and destructive effects of different planets and their negativities. Our authentic astrologists also provide you best gemstones and crystals that channelize positivity in your life. Puja Yagy’s Astrology experts provide services related to lal kitab, manglik dosh and additionally they provide beneficial astrology services related to match horoscope, or house and sign analysis. Our best astrologers in India are easily available to provide Vedic astrology services In USA in the most authentic, fulfilling and spiritual manner.
Our Astrology experts in India provide best advices regarding predictive and remedial astrology too. They are well aware of solar return charts and solar arc directions, which make them absolutely perfect in providing accurate details about your future. We are easily available through our telephonic, message and mail contact services and all our consultation services are free of cost. Conduction of remedial Pujas of Astrology are done with absolute accuracy with proper English and Sanskrit description of all the mantras. Puja Yagya is dedicated to provide accurate, fulfilling and productive astrology services to serve mankind in the most beneficial and spiritual manner.

About us

Pujayagya is your One Stop Halt for all Vedic Puja & Astrological Requirements as our Vedic Experts incorporate expertise in all the Pujas explained in Great Indian Vedic Scriptures.


Pujayagya is your One Stop Halt for all Vedic Puja & Astrological Requirements as our Vedic Experts incorporate expertise in all the Pujas explained in Great Indian Vedic Scriptures. We provide customized Puja Packages as per convenience of individuals who wish to get benefits of spiritual Pujas for channelizing positivity in their lives.