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Karnavedh sansakara is ninth sansakara amongst all the sixteen sansakara and in this piercing of the child's ear lobes are done by following Vedic rituals. Sansakara begins with the commencement of Surya Puja in which the father should first address the right ear of the child by chanting the mantra "Oh God may we hear bliss with our ears", which is performed so that child may listen to good things that lets them have a life of good education and cultural value. This channelizes positivity into the life of child which lets them stay away from all negativity that may occur due to negative planetary arrangements. Karnavedh Idiosyncrasies
  • Karnavedh sansakara is commenced with the chanting of Surya Puja
  • It ensures healthy and happy future life of child in the most fulfilling manner
  • In karnavedh sansakara, chanting of mantra ensures that child may hear good and constructive things though their ears that will channelize positivity in their lives for life long.
Noticeable Benefits of Karnavedh
  • Showering of blessing of Surya and removal of all types of planetary destructive forces that may bring despair in child’s future life
  • It showers strength and positivity with the blessings of Lord Surya who provides empowerment to new born by strengthening them through special mantras of Karnavedh sansakara.
  • Karnavedh sansakara guides towards a path of goodness.
Benefits of Puja Yagya’s Karnavedh Sanskaras
  • Complete accuracy in arrangement, execution and completion of Karnavedh Sanskaras that showers blessing of responsible gods and goddesses on the newborn child in the most befitting and productive manner.
  • Puja Yagya has pundits who are fully expert in Karnavedh Sanskaras and hence they ensure absolute accuracy in all Sanskaras, which makes them best Puja Service provider in USA.


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