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Distance healing

Distance healing:

Body of human beings is made up of aura (energy fields), meridians (energy pathways) and chakras (energy centers). Energy body of human being needs energy in the same manner as our physical body needs foods for nourishments and healing provides that nourishments to your energy body. Energy fields of an individual take energy in and then chakras break that down, while at the end meridians distribute it throughout the body in a manner that energize and rejuvenate your whole body. Distance healing is one of the most effective techniques of transferring healing energy which is sent across time and space, which is received as a healing effect by recipient. In this way of healing, you need not to be physically present with the healer as it may be done over the phone or at a special time agreed upon between you and your healer. Distance healing is as effective as person healing because in this, we include alternative energy healing with holistic medicine therapies. We efficiently and spiritually work with the physical, mental and emotional aspects of an individual by aptly accessing the individual’s energy body and through that, we provide healing. In distance healing, energy body of anyone can be easily accessed from anywhere and at any time. Human body incorporates different forms of energy that vibrate at different speeds because physical body, thoughts, spiritual centre and emotions vibrate at a particular frequency. These vibrations create an energy field which is known as aura, which is information centre of an individual. Such vibrations make a highly perceptual system that receives and transmits messages from internal and external environment and hence play a significant role in distance healing. Call us & Get Healed: We, at Puja Yagya, include experts who are apt for any types of healing services. You can easily contact us through the numbers available on our online portals and we guarantee best Distance healing solutions by using powerful spiritual distance healing techniques. Distance healing reenergizes your life by channelizing positive vibrations in your mind and body, which efficaciously removes all negativities from your regular life in the most fulfilling and blissful manner.


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