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Effective Home Healing & Spirit Cleansing

Home healing or spirit cleansing of the home are the spiritual ways of providing you effective solutions from the paranormal activities that you sense in your home. If you have ever sensed that you are not the only one in your house and felt presence of some spirits or sorts of bodies that are living simultaneously with you in your home, then home healing can provide you best spiritual solution for that. Paranormal bodies are not visible, but they can be sensed or you may say that they force you to feel or sense them through their different abnormal/supernatural activities. If your electronics turn on & off without any human assistance or if your personal possessions are being moved around from one place to other, or other things are constantly getting disappeared and then getting reappeared, then all these are […]

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Door direction according to vastu

Main Entrance Doors of houses influence channelization of energies (positive or negative) into the house and that is why, paying proper heed upon Vastu designing and positioning of main entrance door is greatly important. Main door is considered as the face of the house and as per Hindu scriptures, main entrance Door (Simhadwaram) is house of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Saraswati & Mahalaxmi. For channelizing positivity energy, it is very important that entrance doors of your house are aptly positioned. Beneficial Vastu tips that you need to consider before designing Main entrance doors: Entrance door of your house should always be in East or North direction You need to avoid a door facing South West as that brings devil or negative energy in the house that may invite misfortune and struggle in your life. Main entrance door facing South East direction brings sickness, court cases and […]

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Best Horoscope Services for Mapping the Future

Life is unpredictable but effective horoscope services provided by best astrologists in India let you map your future by providing you a glance of coming course of events in your life. Zodiac signs hold all the ideas of what our future and by deciphering horoscope signs and related messages, astrologists give you an advantage know your future and control your fate through your Karma. Twelve symbols of the Zodiac signs depict the different months, which are further tied to different planetary formations, and one’s particular date of birth tells about the symbol they fall under, but it doesn’t mean that people who fall under the same zodiacs have similar peculiarities related to their personalities. The sun symbols along with eight planets and moon play a vital role in shaping an individual’s personality in whole. Zodiac symbols along with planetary positions […]

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Astrology Services in USA by Best Astrologers from India

Astrology is considered as the study of stars and planets, which is predominantly used for predicting future. Astrologers of India have become an integral part of the lives of many people as thousands of people begin their day after reading the horoscope. provides one of the most accurate daily horoscope details of all the zodiac signs in the most accurate Vedic manner. The predictions provided by astrologists are based on the study of birth charts, planetary movements and sun signs. All the astrological remedies provided by Puja Yagya are well known amongst its customers as the most reliable, powerful and effective astrological solutions. Reputed astrologist in India of Puja Yagya provide Vedic astrology and horoscopes reports and their predictions are based on moon signs and Vedic Calculations. They also do customize analysis of your horoscope and give you needed […]

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Pujayagya is your One Stop Halt for all Vedic Puja & Astrological Requirements as our Vedic Experts incorporate expertise in all the Pujas explained in Great Indian Vedic Scriptures.


Pujayagya is your One Stop Halt for all Vedic Puja & Astrological Requirements as our Vedic Experts incorporate expertise in all the Pujas explained in Great Indian Vedic Scriptures. We provide customized Puja Packages as per convenience of individuals who wish to get benefits of spiritual Pujas for channelizing positivity in their lives.