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Sunder Kand Path

Sunder Kand Path

Sunder Kand Path

Sunderkand Path is principally dedicated to Lord Hanuman who was incarnation of Lord Shiva. Hanuman is known as the most revered worshipper of Lord Rama. As per hindu scriptures, it is believed that a mere recitation of Sunder Kand can save a person from different problems and disasters. Sunder Kand is fifth chapter of great saga Ramayan and its chanting can let you free from different persistent problems of life, only thing that you need to do is to chant it full faith, dedication and whole heartedly manner. Path of Sunder Kand narrates the journey of Lord Hanuman Lanka in the search of Devi Sita, and the tale of his journey tells about his faith in Lord Rama by virtue of which he became able to burn Lanka. By doing so, hanuman validated powers of Rama to Ravana and path of Sunder Kand channelizes same amount of positive energy in you.

All types of fears get Vanished and a person becomes able to move forward in his life with full contentment, enthusiasm and happiness. Benefits associated with Sunder Kand Recitation are:

  • Helps you in attaining Health, Peace, Wealth, Happiness, Prosperity
  • Provides a shield against all kinds of Adversities, Fears and Dangers
  • Protects you from all types of Negative Energies and Evil Eyes
  • Helps in fulfillment of all the rightful wishes, deeds, and vows (sankalp)

Why Puja Yagya

If you want to conduct sunder Kand path then our Purohits pundits are always available for you. In case you need to ask them, any query or you have any doubt regarding conduction of sundar kand then you may call us freely. We offer one of the most accommodating telephonic consultancy services which is also free of any cost. Our pundits will explain you all the customized advantages that you may get by conducting Sunder kand path and they will also tell you about the time and date, which will be apt and convenient for you. Conducting path with complete accuracy is prime focus of Puja Yagya’s pundits as we believe in serving manking with truest form of Vedic and spiritual means.


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