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Grih Pravesh Vedic Yagya

Grih Pravesh

Grih Pravesh Vedic Yagya

In Holy Scriptures, a house is considered as the extension of man’s real world, and in Vedic sense, it may also be understood as the prolongation of man’s body. Buying a house or moving into new house needs home healing procedures as home healing lets the positive energies come along in your house and Grih Pravesh Vedic Yagna does this for your house. Building a new house is not only a matter of masonry; it involves channelization of energies, inclusion of energy on one place and in the whole, it is a conventional ritualistic act. Grih Pravesh Yagna provides perfect conglomeration in between human lives and the powers associated with the house itself. In most of the cultures and traditions, number of magic, blessings, enchantments and spells has been involved with the house and that is why, it is greatly important to purify the house before making a permanent stay in there.

The Atharva Veda includes different rituals and practices related to home healing. House is not only a mean of shelter but it’s the place where so many energies have an inclusive existence and that’s why Vedas tell about Yagna practices for the purification of a house from all types of evil forces. Ceremonies for blessing homes have been popular in all the major cultures and religions of world. In western world, The Feast of the Epiphany ceremony has been their traditional way for healing and blessing their homes and it has been popular for centuries. As per traditional story of Christians, three Wise Men visited the home that the Holy Family had established in Bethlehem and their visit blessed and healed the home. Epiphany home ceremony is quite popular in US, Europe and it is also quite prevalent amongst American Catholics.

By blessing and healing your house thorough Grih Pravesh Vedic Yagna, you can conduct the removal of negative and harmful energy, which will let your home be free from the unwanted supernatural guests and their negative energy. The Yagna maintains the highest form of positive energy around your house and hence create optimum positive vibrations that your house can imbibe. Like human beings, houses also store energy and emotions, and sometimes such emotional energies can make people be uncomfortable and that is why, it would be intelligent decision to clean the energy of your home by taking Vedic services of Grih Pravesh Yagna.

Features of Puja Yagya’s Grih Pravesh Vedic Yagna:

  • Puja Yagya provides customized Grih Pravesh Vedic Yagna services as per your convenience and we can conduct Yagna at your preferred places by following all the Vedic accuracy.
  • Puja Yagya owns its own Yagna-Shalas (Yagna Place) and Hawan Kund (Sacrificial Fire) that have sacred blessings of respective gods & goddess where we conduct Grih Pravesh Vedic Yagna for healing of your home.
  • We also provide live streaming of Grih Pravesh Vedic Yagna via Skype for the Yagnas conducted at Puja Yagya as we ensure complete transparency during Yagna conduction.


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