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Vivah (Marriage) sansakara

Vivah (Marriage) sansakara is thirteenth sansakara explained in Vedas and viewed as sacramental. Vivah is considered as a lifelong commitment of one wife and one husband. Vivah is the strongest and most sacred bond between a man and a woman that takes place in the presence of all their parents, friends and relatives. Vivah is an irrevocable commitment for a lifetime. In Hindu rituals marriage is the only considered way of continuing family and by doing so they repay their debt to the ancestors. In completion of Vivah sansakara Hindu gods and goddesses also get united and shower their blessing on the couple. Vivah is understood as the spiritual growth of partners which is also a way of learning many things in life. By following this ritual, individual follow holy law of the creator and different ways of conducting Vivah sansakara are:
  • Brahmaa in which kanyadan performed by holy parents
  • Daiva in which kanyadan by God-fearing parents
  • Aarsha in which kanyadan by parents with five other gifts
  • Prajaapatya in which kanyadan by honor and respect
  • Asur which is considered for love Marriage
  • Gandharv which is considered for marrying for money
  • Raakshas used for forceful abduction of a maiden
  • Paishaach is considered for intercourse in asleep, intoxicated situation
Vivah Puja provided by Puja Yagya also includes matrimonial services. In Hindu traditions, Vivah is considered as the holiest inclusion of two individuals for seven life times and we help you in getting your most compatible soul mate, thorough our matrimonial services. We include great data base of all Hindu community in USA and with us, you will find your soul mate with whom you would like to live rest of your life blissfully. We conduct Vedic Vivah Puja Puja with complete accuracy that channelize blessing of all the gods and goddesses who make your wedding life happy, successful and prosperous. If you wish to take suggestions of our Pundits or want to clear any doubt then you may call us freely as our telephonic consultation services are free of any cost. We let you enjoy your wedding rituals in the most blissful manner with absolute Vedic accuracy.


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