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Shiv Puja

shiv puja

Shiv Puja

Shiv Puja is greatly important for having a healthy and happy life as worship of Lord Shiva removes distress and poverty in the most impactful manner. It grants learning and wealth along with fulfilment of all desires. Shiv Puja also gives the devotee transcendental knowledge by effectively elevating the power of thought and en-kindling the light of discrimination, because of its such powerful blessings, hindu scriptures declare that worshiping Shiva in the linga form assist anyone gain highest merit in their life. Shiv Puja also ensures prosperity and success in future lifetimes. Shiv Puja also helps in removing accumulated sins of many lifetimes that gets washed away by sincere devotion and prayers to the lord Shiv.

Benefits of Shiv Puja

  1. Effectively removes all the obstacles
  2. Boosts overall health of worshippers
  3. Provides knowledge to worshippers
  4. Bestows Beauty and marriage in the life of worshippers

Why Puja Yagya

Our Pundits are well trained Gurukul Purohits who understand Puranas perfectly, which is a collection of texts describing the feats of different Gods and other Figures related to Hindu Cosmology. All the texts are organized by their focus on one of the major Gods or Goddesses and by doing Puja with absolute accuracy one can invoke the blessing of Gods into his/her soul. Amongst so many important texts attributed to Shiva, one of the most prominent ones is the Shiva Purana that describes various stories related to God Shiv. We complete Shiv Puja for you in the most befitting, accurate and beneficial manner and that is why we are rated as the most authentic Hindu Vedic Puja Service in United States of America. Puja Yagya understands that users may have some doubts and needs Vedic consultation, and that is why our Gurukul trained Pundits are always available for your help. Our telephonic consultation services are also offered without charging any money for that.


We are absolutely authentic and original Vedic Puja & Astrology Service provider and we are not an agent of any temple. All the details and related data available on our website are to be treated absolutely for your entertainment, and Puja Yagya will not be accountable for that. We circulate spiritual awakening for the well being of human beings by following ancient hindu Scriptures. We do not guarantee and imply warrantee for any of our services, and will not be responsible for assumptions, interpretations or perceptions made by recipient.