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Maha Mrityunjay Homam

The Mahamrityunjay Mantra is considered as a Great Death-conquering Mantra and it is also known as the Tryambakam Mantra. This mantra is a verse of the Rigveda and it is addressed to Tryambaka, which is another name of Shiv or Rudra (the three-eyed one). This verse also recurs in Yajurveda and by conducing Maha Mritunjay Homa, one can ensure a life without physical, emotional and health related problems. This mantra is considered for the life restoring practices and it is also widely known as moksha mantra that lucratively bestows longevity and immortality. Maha Mrityunjay Homan Idiosyncrasies • Mantras of Maha Mrityunjay Homan play significant role in individual’s life in having healthy and fulfilling life. • Maha Mrityunjay Homan ensures channelization of life as per the laws and rules explained in Vedas which ensures spiritual fulfillment for that individual. • In Maha Mrityunjay Homan, mantras are chanted for proper conduction of whole process, so that all the negative effects will be diminished in the most effective and promising manner. Noticeable Benefits of Maha Mrityunjay Homan • Maha Mrityunjay Homan ensures showering of blessing of Lord Shiva in channelization of all the positive energy in your life. • Maha Mrityunjay Homan showers strength and positivity that provides empowerment to the man by strengthening him through special mantras that are explained in Vedas for revering Rudra. • Maha Mrityunjay Homan guides towards a path of absolute spiritual bliss, power and fulfillment. Benefits of Puja Yagya’s Maha Mrityunjay Homan • Complete accuracy in arrangement of Maha Mrityunjay Homan that showers blessing of lord Shiva on that individual by conducting all the rituals as per the vedic accuracy for making him stay healthy and free from all physical and emotional problems. • Puja Yagya incorporates Pundits who are fully expert in Maha Mrityunjay Homan and they are also well trained pundits of Sanskrit Gurukuls. They aptly conduct Maha Mrityunjay Homan by following accurate procedures.


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