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Remedial Pujas

Remedial Pujas are greatly important in solving different problems and negativities of life. Showering gods and goddesses blessings on an individual is ensured in the manner so that negative and destructive effects of planets can be effectively diminished. These pujas are effective in removing all the Doshas and natal chart issues of an individual and hence with this, having a life, which is fulfilled and blissful will be ensured by our Vedic Experts. Different Types of Remedial Pujas offered by Puja Yagya:
  • Surya Puja - Surya Pooja - Sun Worship - Surya Yajna
  • Guru Pooja for Planet Jupiter
  • Puja for Moon - Remedy for Moon
  • Kuja Puja - Mars Pooja - Manglik Puja
  • Remedy for Rahu Dosham - Rahu Puja
  • Budha Puja - Remedy for Budha Graha - Planet Mercury
  • Venus Puja Remedy for Shukra Dasa - Shukra Puja
  • Shani Dasha and Sadhe Sati Remedy - Shani Puja - Saturn Pooja
  • Ketu Puja Remedy
  • Navagrah Puja
  • Birth Day Puja to Shiva Ganapati Parvathi Vishnu and Surya
  • Birth Star Puja
  • Dasamahavidya Puja
  • Dasavathara Puja
  • Lord Ayyappa Puja
  • Puja for Lord Murugan
  • Hanuman Puja
  • Parashurama Puja
 Noticeable Benefits of Remedial Pujas
  • Remedial Pujas provide solution of all planetary negativities in the most fitting manner
  • Remedial Pujas shower strength and positivity by letting you get the blessing of different gods and goddess worshipped by you as per particular puja conducted by our Punidts.
  • Remedial Puja guides towards a path where fulfillment and empowerment is assured.
Benefits of Puja Yagya’s Remedial Pujas
  • Complete accuracy of Remedial Pujas is assured by our Vedic experts who are well known in USA for their accurate knowledge of all the remedial pujas.
  • Puja Yagya incorporates Pundits who are fully expert in Vedic Remedial Puja and they are also well experienced professionals whose services make us absolutely reliable Vedic Puja provider in USA.


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