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Navgrah Puja

Navagraha denotes nine celestial bodies that are central to all the astrological calculations and related beliefs. Navgrah Puja is conducted for pleasing all these celestial bodies, so that they may favor your life events quite positively and it includes sun, mars, moon, Jupiter, mercury, Venus, Saturn along with two shadow planets, named as Rahu and Ketu. All these are called Navgrah in combined form and their presence in our horoscope controls our karma, our fates, our desires and their related outcomes. Appearance of each of these nine planets exerts an influence in our regular live which is known as dasa, which is analyzed by the analysis of natal chart of an individual. We conduct Navgrah Puja for reducing the negative effects and improving the positive energies into an individual’s soul. As per Veda, while describing significance of worshipping Navgrahas, God Vishnu told that anyone who worships Navgraha with apt rituals attains all the four purusharth, which are main objectives of man's life, dharma (religion), kaam (fulfillment of desires), artha (materialistic abundance), and moksha (salvation)'. Advantages of Navgraha Puja:
  • It pacifies all the malefic planets and hence strengthens benevolent planets
  • It removes all the obstacles from personal and professional life
  • It blesses with good health, harmony, prosperity and success in all the spheres of one’s life
  • It is effective for the removal of all the Vastu Dosha and it is also significant for longevity of life
  • It is highly recommended for all those who are recurrently facing obstacles, delays, struggles or losses/ disharmony in their career/business or family life.
We at Puja Yagya offer most accurate, transparent and effective Navgraha Puja for you that help you in having a life, full of happiness, fulfillment and prosperity, thanks to our Gurukul trained Pundits who ensure guaranteed accuracy in completion of Puja. You will be advised and assisted by our experts in the most accommodating and satisfying manner. You can also contact us through our chat, message, mail and Skype services. Providing you absolute satisfaction is prime focus of our Spiritual & Vedic Services


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