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Vidyarambh is the eleventh sansakara amongst all sixteen sansakaras mentioned in Vedic scriptures and it is conducted for initiating your little one into the world of letters. It is one of the most momentous occasions of your child’s life and its proper conduction is very important. The word “Vidya” means knowledge while “Aarambh” means ‘to commence or to start’. On this day a child is formally inducted in the world of knowledge and education. In ancient times, this sansakara is for the study of alphabets, but nowadays, it is considered for the initiation of kids to be ready to join playschool. Lesson teaching starts with the worshipping of Saraswati who is worshipped as goddess of learning. It has great importance in the life of child as it initiates the process of learning of child and hence provides a spiritual mechanism of learning, knowledge, righteous orientation of thoughts and wisdom along with the blessings of respective gods and goddesses. Vidyarambh Idiosyncrasies
  1. 1. Vidyarambh is conducted before your kid goes to school and that is why if you are planning to send your kid to play school, it is important to initiate their education through Vidyarambh sansakara.
  2. It ensures channelization of knowledge and wisdom in life of child.
  3. Vidyarambh ensures proper initiation of intellectual competence in toddler’s life.
Noticeable Benefits of Vidyarambh
  1. Initiates learning proficiency in your children before attending their first school.
  2. Perfectly showers teaching, which provides empowerment to your kids by strengthening them through true knowledge.
  3. Vidyarambh helps in holistic growth of the child.
Benefits of Puja Yagya’s Vidyarambh Sanskaras
  1. Complete accuracy in arrangement of Vidyarambh Sanskaras that showers blessing of responsible gods and goddesses on the child quite aptly.
  2. Puja Yagya incorporates Pundits who are fully expert in Vidyarambh Sanskaras and they are also trained pundits of Sanskrit Gurukul, where they get to know about all the Vedic rituals in the most authentic manner for serving mankind.
  3. For knowing details and impacts of Vidyarambha Sansakara, you may contact our Pundits and our Telephonic Consulting services are offered to you without any charge.


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